Building a Team

In 2013, Paul Ryan worked on remodels with his father, Larry. He particularly enjoyed flooring work and wanted to run his own business, so he started Ryan Floors. He specialized in hardwood and laminate installs for a couple of years before expanding into other types of projects – first decks, then screen porches. At the beginning of 2018, his brothers, Sam and Jacob, started working with him full time, and he rebranded the company as Ryan Pros, LLC.

We now build a few homes a year, along with various decks, porches, pavilions, garages, and traditional barns. We love coming up with cool designs and bringing them to life, using construction methods that will make the structures perform well and last as long as possible with minimal upkeep. We create traditionally styled buildings with all the modern products, techniques, and amenities.

Our goal is to continue to hone our skills and processes, teach the trades to the younger generation, and give our clients a great experience on their build. We know that each project is special to its owner, and we want to help bring your dreams to life with a process and results that are even better than imagined.

We look forward to serving you. Even if you don’t have a project for us right now, we’d love to have you follow along on YouTube or social media to watch our work and continue to see our story unfold.


Although he doesn’t swing a hammer much anymore, Paul stays busy handling sales, design, and running the business. He spends his time meeting with clients, working in the office, and hanging out with the crews on the jobsites (until they kick him off because he’s not letting them get anything done). He also enjoys spending time with his wife and their four children, remodeling their 1900s farmhouse, traveling, cooking, and playing sports with friends.


Sam is a true craftsman, always improving his methods while his eagle eyes scan for anything less than perfect on the project. He has worked with Paul since the business was Ryan Floors and now leads one of the crews specializing in decks, porches, framing, siding, and interior finishing. Sam is also a volunteer firefighter and EMT. He enjoys working on home projects with his wife, playing sports, and spending time with his nieces, nephews, and siblings.


Jacob is great at solving tricky construction problems and always comes up with unconventional solutions to be more efficient. He leads one of the crews skilled in framing, concrete, roofing, and excavation. He keeps the mood fun while at the same time staying relaxed and quiet. Jacob is also a volunteer firefighter and is working on his personal home build. He enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter and anything that involves heavy equipment.


Luke has a keen eye for detail, a solid work ethic, and is a creative problem solver. While he mainly works on Sam’s crew, Jacob still ropes him in sometimes to help with concrete work. Luke takes on most of the tricky beam work and joinery when we’re building the oak-timber-style porch roofs. He prefers to keep chatting to a minimum while listening to podcasts on the jobsite. He enjoys sports, forging, podcasts, and hanging out with friends.


After working several summers with us, Jonathan graduated high school and is now working full-time with us. We’ve been looking forward to that for quite a while. Jonathan is an excellent carpenter and meticulous in everything he does, so he fits right in with Sam’s crew. He is always cheerful and hard working, no matter how unpleasant the task. He enjoys watching and playing sports, forging with Luke, and hanging out with family and friends.

Sam E

Sam E has a background in construction and property maintenance, knowledgeable in many areas to do just about any aspect of a build. He works on Jacob’s crew running equipment, concrete work, and framing. Sam likes finding new products and methods to better our construction processes. He’s a volunteer firefighter and is currently working on his own home build. He enjoys four-wheeling, guns, swimming, and spending time with his wife and four kids.


Patrick already had several years of construction experience and built his own home when he joined Ryan Pros. He never stands around or slows down, so he’s quite the workhorse. Patrick is a humble and willing learner, and we’re very glad he joined our team. He loves framing, especially complicated roofs that give him the chance to stretch himself and discover new techniques. He enjoys sports, gaming, working on cars, and spending time with his wife and son.